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Calcification and mass abnormalities in breast mammogram scans. The

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Breast Ultrasound

Is it a cause for concern to be called back for abnormalities

Algorithms, Free Full-Text

Breast Cancer Ultrasound: Uses, Procedure, and Results

Shagufta HENNA, Lecturer, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Letterkenny, LYIT, Department of Computing

Cureus, A 52-Year-Old Woman Presenting With a Right Breast Mass: A Case Report

Sensors, Free Full-Text

Bilateral mammogram showing benign arterial calcifications. (A

Computer-aided breast cancer detection and classification in

Mimickers of breast malignancy: imaging findings, pathologic concordance and clinical management, Insights into Imaging

Artificial intelligence-based diagnosis of breast cancer by mammography microcalcification - ScienceDirect

Bernard BUTLER, Senior Research Fellow, MSc App Maths; MSc Comm Sw, PhD, Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, WIT, School of Science

Breast calcifications mimicking pulmonary nodules