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Sleeping Cat Pet Urn for Ashes in Black

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This adorable pet urn is in the shape of a cat and can hold the cat's ashes.
The Sleeping Cat Pet Urn - Black is carved from resin in the shape of a cat asleep with its eyes closed and tucked in a ball. The color of the cat is black with carved details -- such as the nose and whiskers -- that will touch your heart. Overall, this urn for cat ashes is an adorable way to remember your feline friend. Made from resin, the Sleeping Cat Pet Urn in Black is smooth to the touch. The urn is approximately 7 inches long and 3.75 inches high. Any cat lover will cherish this memorial to his/her pet. The urn compartment is accessed from the bottom -- where the pet ashes can be placed inside. The Sleeping Cat Pet Urn - Black has a capacity of 43 cubic inches (will hold the ashes of a cat that weighed 43 pounds or less prior to cremation).

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✔️ PAINTING OF PET CREMATION URN STATUE. You can use eco bag for ashes or any other things you like or as a sympathy gift bag.

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This handmade pet urn can be considered as the result of a centuries-old European experience in ceramic sector.

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