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Quick fantasy bolero jacket for a cosplay photoshoot : r/sewing

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Red Snow OC Cosplay Photoshoot in a cos event : r/cosplayers

Allegra K Sequin Shrug Bolero for Women's Halloween Costume Flared

Classic Bolero Renaissance Clothing Victorian Bolero for Prom

White Dragon Cosplay Costume Hoodie shrug Style, Great for Fantasy

[NO SPOILERS] self portrait - me cosplaying Sansa Stark : r

How would I even begin to replicate the shoulder armore of this

A 1910s wrap cape. I'm surprised this look hasn't used in fantasy

My first project! A Bolero Jacket for an upcoming cosplay. : r/sewing

Fantasy Cape for Elven Costume Dress Digital PDF Pattern With

Rave Cosplay Sewing Pattern: Waiting for the Drop

Fashion Crop Blazer Sewing Pattern Bolero Suit Jacket Unisex